This Holiday Season, Take A “Digital Detox” Vacation!

This holiday season disconnect with your devices and reconnect with family and friends in person.

What is a Digital Detox Vacation? A digital detox is a temporary period of disconnecting from all digital technology and screens for the benefit of both physical and mental well-being.

The ADAA says their is a association between social media use and depression among U.S  young adults. And A US survey found that more than 73% of young adults (under 30) suffer from symptoms of digital eye strain from screen overuse, including dry, irritated eyes, blurred vision, neck and back pain and headaches. Plus at least 31% of internet users miss out on spending time with friends and family.

Mashable also goes on record saying that a digital detox might be better for you than any other type of detox.

 A review of five tips for doing a digital detox by digital distraction expert Frances Booth point to a trip being a great time to do one. The tips can be paraphrased as follows:

– Be ready for withdrawal symptoms
– Plan to enjoy (and not regret) missing out on what everyone else is doing
– Be prepared with things like paper maps and written phone numbers
– Set small goals (maybe a 24- or even 12-hour detox instead of a week the first time out)
– Plan something that will occupy and entertain you

This last item in particular suggests that travel might be the perfect time to try a digital detox; spending your afternoon snorkeling can make it really easy to skip fitful checks of your phone.

Time To Log Off!  Here are a few suggestions:

  • USA ~ For those who need a little extra push to go dark, Red Mountain Spa — a resort located in the high-desert, red-rock bluffs near Zion National Park — has an aptly named program called “Coping Successfully with Relentless Stress.” Those who sign up during their stay will work with certified energy health practitioner Andrea Hanson, who employs a holistic approach with energy medicine, yoga and meditation to reverse and correct the effects of stress overload.
  • St. Lucia ~Long before eco-lodges were popular and going green became chic, architect Nick Troubetzkoy built a multi-tiered, open-air resort built right into a mountainside overlooking a volcanic sand beach  is the Jade Mountain Resort and the 2 stunning Pitons that St. Lucia is known for. To maintain the ultra-natural, Robinson Crusoe vibe, none of the rooms provide televisions, DVD players or other digital distractions. You probably won’t miss them, however, as you’re taking a dip in your stunning private infinity pool, scuba diving right offshore or eating a lunch custom prepared and served in-room by a private butler. And while you can reach him (or her) by a hotel-issued cell 24 hours a day — you won’t be able to receive other calls or dial out.
  • Turks & Caicos ~The Amanyara resort in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos is a hyper-luxe way to check out from the world. Meditate near the reflection pond, unwind at the infinity pool tiled in black volcanic rock, wander the zen garden, or unwind at the sala in the dunes. The resort’s open-air villas are designed for restfulness, with quiet corners and sundecks. Head to the beach, which is just a few steps away along a private path, or grab a golf cart to explore the nearby jungle and nature reserve.
  • Bahamas ~Anyone who wants to check out for a few days should consider checking into the French Leave Resort. This eco-resort on the tranquil Caribbean island of Eleuthera is surrounded by 270 acres of gorgeous landscape and looks out over crowd-free pink-sand beaches. It’s the perfect place to watch the azure waves crash or the stars come out at night (the hotel is Dark Sky preserve!). Leave your cell phone behind and hit the waves snorkeling at the nearby coral reef, boating, kayaking, windsurfing, visiting the island’s nature preserve, or exploring the picturesque Cupid’s Cay.


If a full digital detox is not what you have in mind, there are plenty of ways to unplug while traveling that will offer many of the benefits of a detox without a full digital blackout. Possible approaches might include:

– Setting aside a short time each day to check in to see if anything truly needs your attention

– Setting aside a short time each day to check all the stuff you would normally check, but with a time limit

– Alternating days on and off of digital access

– Putting your phone in “airplane mode” whenever you’re outside your hotel room or for a set amount of time each day

You get the idea. You set the terms of the detox according to what is going to work best — and we’ll help you with the rest. Contact us at Prestige Travel Vacations. 

Note: While hotel packages offer a short breather from digital communication, other programs have a more immersive method of reconnecting people with serious digital addictions. Retreats such as Summerland Camps maybe more what is needed. Take their addiction test on their website to find out.

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