How To Fund Your Future Fun

If you decided you couldn’t afford your dream vacation this summer, it’s time to start saving now so you can make plans for that big trip next year. Some small adjustments in the coming months can make a big impact on your travel fund.

Be frugal about food. If you eat out several times a week, it’s time to cut back. Prepare meals at home and brown bag your lunches for some major savings. Plan meals ahead of time to avoid food waste and check out the sales before making your grocery list.

Keep the change. The trusty change jar is a great way to save money without feeling the pinch. Take all the change you generate each day and put it in a jar or other container. It’s even better if you can add bills too! Did you know it only takes $1.37 a day to accumulate $500 in a year?

Explore the options. Use your library card to access books, ebooks and even movies for free! Instead of buying gifts this year, offer your talents or services instead. Cut your own hair or at least trim your own hair between cuts. Sell your unused stuff online and shop the sales. Don’t pay full price unless you really have too.

Stash the savings. Open a savings account or holiday account at your bank, whichever offers the best interest rates exclusively for your travel fund. You can put all the savings you have acquired by being frugal into this account. Keeping your travel fund separate means you will be less likely to dip into it when you need extra cash.

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