Wellness Travel Explained

Wellness travel is one of the fastest growing areas in tourism and was created to recharge the body and nourish the mind. With the perfect balance of awe-inspiring destinations, rejuvenating activities, and healthy food experiences you’ll return home feeling even better than when you left.

Why do we need it?  Most American’s don’t get enough sleep and we all need to disconnect from the outside world and tune in to ourselves every now and then. We’ve also lost touch with nature. More than 50% of the world now lives in an urban area, and by 2050 that will rise to 68%—compare that to just 30% in the 1950s. Studies have shown we need nature for positive mental and physical health, and the medical profession has begun to incorporate this into their treatment plans for certain patients.

A Wellness Vacation can include spa treatments and therapies, healthy eating and culinary events, fitness activities and adventures such as walking tours, hiking, paddling and yoga, inspirational outings and adventures in nature that clear or expand the mind, and educational programs that share ways to incorporate healthy habits into our everyday lives. It can also include voluntourism experiences because “giving back” increases one’s sense of well being and is part of living a wellness lifestyle. But, when it comes to the Wellness Vacation, one size does not fit all.

Some of our favorite activities include:  Paddleboard Yoga in Costa Rica, hiking to and behind Skogafoss and Seljandsfoss waterfall in Iceland and diving in for some snorkeling around Menjangan Island in Bali with GAdventures.  What are yours?

Did you know that according to the WTA’s Wellness Vacation survey, 25 percent of respondents prefer to travel solo when it comes to Wellness Travel?

On a Wellness Vacation, you won’t return home saying that you “need a vacation from this vacation”. Contact us for a self-care getaway designed to better your mind and your body. http://www.PrestigeTravelVacations.com

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