Plan A Memorable Family Getaway

Planning a family getaway can help you recognize the importance of spending time together.  Getaways are an essential way to help family members remain close and maintain interaction with each other. Between our jobs and other commitments, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important. Kids get older and then build their own lives. Other family members may move further away or just have different priorities. And then before we know it, we have lost touch with each other and sometimes with ourselves.

That’s why the multigenerational travel trend is so popular! Multigenerational travel is typically defined as taking a trip with three or more generations, but grandparents traveling with grandkids count as well! Some families choose an all-inclusive resort, cruise or even a group tour. Some are just as happy planning a staycation at the nearest vacation destination. Still, others may prefer to get back to nature by camping or staying a dude ranch and yes there are luxury dude ranches.

We suggest while traveling together to avoid conflicts or issues, designate a certain time during the day when individuals or individual families have their own downtime or activities.

Just remember to help guarantee your family getaway is a  success, the focus should be on each other and not where you are or what you’ll be doing.  The time with family is a very valuable commodity as once time is gone, no matter how much we plan or invest, we can’t get it back.

Collect memories and not things! Prestige Travel Vacations LLC can help, visit our website for travel ideas and deals.




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