The Impact Of The Coronavirus

Travel and tourism are responsible for 319 million jobs worldwide, or about 1 of every 10 jobs, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council, a branch of the United Nations.

The hit to the travel industry has the potential to become a major drag on the global economy if the coronavirus continues to spread around the world. Because of small business owners having to close their doors and millions of workers could lose their jobs, or have their hours cut, if the demand for travel continues to be depressed. That is especially true for lower-paid service jobs such as housekeeping at hotels and waiters and waitresses at restaurants.

The sharp drop in tourism will also effect popular museums, attractions, restaurants, retail, sports leagues and public transportation.

We have been in business for over twenty years and this is the biggest hit we’ve seen to the travel indutsry since 911 in 2001.

But here are some helpful and practical advice for travelers in regards to coronavirus taken form a recent Forbes article:

· As you should always do, stay clean and sanitize, avoiding touching your mouth, nose or ears.

· Masks don’t prevent anyone from getting a virus but, rather, reduce the risk of someone spreading it.

· Put things into perspective rather than getting caught up in media sensationalism.

· Pay with a credit card.

· If you feel like you will have anxiety about being away from home, then save your trip for another time.

We feel the choice to travel during this time period is a personal one and up to the US citizens. However, we have always suggested purchasing Cancel For Any Reason travel insurance now and in the past, though not everyone elects to take it due to the extra cost to the policies.  Having the Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) policy is the only way to recoup at least part of your costs if you decide not to travel due to the fear of getting ill or general concerns over COVID-19. Standard travel insurance plans will not cover losses due to an outbreak or even government travel advisories and restrictions.

Please know that Prestige Travel Vacations LLC is here for our clients and that we are hopeful that there will be some positive changes moving forward and that consumer interest will bounce back.

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